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The only AI event focused on learning from and networking with practitioners, who have deployed practical, scalable and responsible AI systems in the Enterprise.

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Kay Firth-Butterfield

Head of AI & ML, World Economic Forum


Ashley Casovan

Director of Innovation, Government of Canada

Speaker and Panelist

Rajeev Ronanki

SVP & CDO, Anthem


Cameron Davies

SVP Decision Services, NBC Universal


Chris Corrado

COO & CIO, London Stock Exchange


Trina Van Pelt

VP & Managing Director, Intel Capital


Akshaya Bhargava

Former CEO, Barclays Wealth
Founder, Bridgeweave


Mark Rolston

Founder & Chief Creator, argodesign


Mike Gualtieri

VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester


Andy Hickl

Head of Cognitive Services, Microsoft


Arvind Malhotra

SVP, Tech Mahindra


William (Bill) Ruh

SVP & Chief Digital Officer, GE
CEO, GE Digital


James Jeude

VP Digital Business Analytics and Information Management Strategic Initiatives Group, Cognizant


Thierry Pellegrino

Vice President Business Strategy & HPC Solutions Server and Infrastructure Systems at Dell EMC


Manoj Saxena

1ST GM IBM Watson
Chairman, CognitiveScale


Akshay Sabhikhi

CEO, CognitiveScale


Matt Sanchez

Founder & CTO, CognitiveScale


Patricia Prince-Taggart

General Counsel, CognitiveScale


This exclusive event brings together AI pioneers, practitioners, thought leaders, and industry luminaries.


Registration and Breakfast
Welcome and Opening Keynote
Shay Sabhikhi, CEO, CognitiveScale | Matt Sanchez, Founder & CTO, CognitiveScale
AI is rapidly moving from a mesmeric technology to a powerful teammate and a foundation for consumer and business decision making. At CognitiveScale, we started our journey five years back with a vision to transform customer experience and process intelligence through AI in a practical, scalable, and responsible manner. Shay and Matt will talk about where we have reached and how do we see AI or Augmented Intelligence, as we call it, revolutionizing the world in times to come.
Data, Drugs, Diagnoses, and Dollars: Applying AI to Healthcare
Rajeev Ronanki, SVP & CDO, Anthem
AI for healthcare sector is expected to drive overall AI market growth over the next five years. Why is AI in healthcare a rising imperative now? How can it be applied well? What are some of the do’s and don’ts that need to be considered while implementing AI systems ion healthcare? How can AI transform the confluence and interaction between provider, payer and patient? Rajeev will shed light on all these topics during his talk.
AI to the Rescue: Bridging the $30 Trillion Wealth Transfer Gap
Akshaya Bhargava, Founder, Bridgeweave; Former CEO, Barclays Wealth | Robert Golladay, GM, Europe, CognitiveScale
AI has the potential to transform wealth management and the time is now! Hear from experts how AI-powered insights can aid the $30 trillion generational wealth transfer in a practical, scalable, and responsible manner. During the session, Bridgeweave will also be launching and demonstrating a new AI-powered fintech product that will make institutional-grade financial information available and affordable to everyone.
The Big Red Button is Too Late. The Time for Responsible AI is Now.
Ashley Casovan, Director of Innovation, Government of Canada | Manoj Saxena, First GM, IBM Watson; Chairman, CognitiveScale
In this session, Manoj and Ashley will discuss the reasons behind Canada’s commitment to Responsible AI and why is it important. Ashley will delve into challenges and opportunities presented by AI, how Govt. of Canada is implementing a comprehensive Responsible AI framework and how is AI positively impacting the delivery of public services like transportation.
Artificial Intelligence: The Possibilities For Enterprises Today
Mike Gualtieri, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester
AI is real. Enterprises use it to automate decisions, hyper-personalize customer experiences, streamline operational processes, and much more. However, for most enterprise executives, AI technologies and use cases are still far too mysterious. The field is moving fast. Enterprises must forge a coherent, pragmatic AI strategy that is tied to business outcomes. In this keynote, Forrester Research Vice President & Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri will identify and demystify 5 key AI technologies such as machine learning, discuss enterprise use cases, and enumerate the foundational analytical and business processes necessary to successfully invest in AI solutions.
Lunch and Entertainment
From Lab to Live: Lessons Earned from the AI Battlefront
Nij Chawla, Chief Customer Officer, CognitiveScale
Innovation at Scale: Why Good Ideas Fail
Cameron Davies, SVP Decision Services, NBC Universal
In 2017, Gartner published a study claiming that as many as 85% of all Big Data / Advanced Analytics projects fail. This isn’t just a “technology issue”. Innovation within an existing organization is never easy, much less when it potentially impacts a companies’ core culture, how it makes decisions and gets work done. Machine Learning and AI is twice as hard because even people who live and breathe those areas everyday can’t seem to agree on some of the most basic definitions. So what can a 50+ year-old book on Innovation teach a bunch of Data Geeks and Technologists about changing the way people think and work? In our session we will talk through the evergreen ideas of Everett Rodgers, his 5 Key Traits of Successful Innovations and how we can utilize these concepts to enhance our ability to integrated advanced solutions and tools into your organizations’ respective decision making DNA.
It Takes a Village: Leveraging Ecosystems to Drive Adoption | Panel
Moderator: Ganesh Padmanabhan, VP Marketing & Business Development, CognitiveScale | Arvind Malhotra, SVP, Tech Mahindra | James Jeude, VP Digital Business Analytics and Information Management Strategic Initiatives Group, Cognizant | Thierry Pellegrino, VP Business Strategy & HPC Solutions Server and Infrastructure Systems, Dell EMC | Andy Hickl, Head of Cognitive Services, Microsoft
Building AI You Can Trust
Matt Sanchez, Founder & CTO, CognitiveScale
Women Who Tech | Panel
Moderator: Pati Taggart, General Counsel, CognitiveScale | Trina Van Pelt, VP & Managing Director, Intel Capital | Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI & ML, World Economic Forum | Ashley Casovan, Director of Innovation, Government of Canada
The panel will highlight experiences of three exceptional women in technology who are transforming the world by breaking new ground in AI. Moderated by CognitiveScale’s General Counsel Patricia Taggart the discussion will touch upon their journey in tech and pertinent topics like fighting unconscious bias in AI.
Moving Into an Autonomous Future: How Traditional Sectors are Embracing AI
Bill Ruh, SVP & Chief Digital Officer, GE; CEO, GE Digital | Manoj Saxena, First GM, IBM Watson; Chairman, CognitiveScale
The industrial world is hungry for transformation and digital and autonomous systems are predicted to be the center point of industries like manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and energy in the near future. Bill and Manoj will discuss this ‘movement’ of the industrial world towards AI and highlight the need, challenges, opportunities and implications of AI in these sectors.
Homo Digitus: How AI Will Change the Human Experience
Mark Rolston, Founder & Chief Creator, argodesign
Computing is dramatically changing how we live and work. The rapid advancement of AI has awakened an entirely new stage of the human-computer relationship: making our lives seamless and persistently advantaged and yet dependent on computing. These changes promise to change us as much as our environment. As these things take an intimate and active role in our lives, they reframe longstanding ideas about the future and what it means to be human. Mark Rolston addresses this topic with a designer’s eye to expose both the mundane and the profound examples of where things are headed.
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